The Story

All is well in the life of Bryce Davis, a marketing executive and artist in Washington, DC, until the sudden and unexpected end of a long-term relationship sends him spiraling into depression.

Months pass as he remains disengaged from the world around him until Dante, his best friend, tricks him into going on a blind date. There he meets the lovely Simone, a lively and plain-spoken paralegal. After a less than smooth start, the two find common ground and eventually, their budding relationship intensifies. However, unresolved issues from Bryce’s past threaten to not only pull the two apart, but place all that he holds dear in jeopardy.

With a stylish and thoughtful presentation, When Autumn Leaves explores the universal themes of love, loss, loyalty and ultimately, hope. Utilizing the unique and vibrant sights and sounds of DC’s U Street Corridor, When Autumn Leaves presents an undoubtedly relatable story of picking up the pieces after best-laid plans have gone awry.